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PASTE BRUSHES non-metal, from Sweden

Image of PASTE BRUSHES non-metal, from Sweden

Round Bookbinders paste brush. Green-handled ones with 100% natural hog bristles; Grey-handled for hog/synthetic blend bristles. For bookbinders, I would suggest the all-hog for hot glues, and the mix for paste and PVAs.

Both have ergonomic soft-grip handle for comfortable grip. Their construction is free of metal parts and will not rust over time. Also feature a very handy brush rest and pail hanger, for no mess and no bent bristles - just love that. These brushes are sure to become your best paste-buddy. Different sizes are available, so there is one to suit you, from a dainty 20mm, the most versatile and popular size 30mm, a 40mm brush for larger work and a great artist choice, and finally a whopping 50mm that is fantastic for pasting out leather, and gouache artists just love - DROOL!

**HAPPY NEWS** A new freight arrangement from my supplier means these are coming to us here in Australia cheaper than previously, so I am delighted to pass on a new price:

Priced from $15 for the 20mm (WAS $20), to $40 for the whopper 50mm (WAS $50)