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BONE FOLDERS polished vintage, various styles

Image of BONE FOLDERS polished vintage, various styles

These are all from a large vintage collection, and difficult to find again.
All rehoned and polished by me, by hand.
Though I would dearly love to keep them all, I just can't justify it.

From left, there are 9 different styles available (though as you can see from the second collection photo, all are unique - I've just grouped them approximately:

#1 LONGEST, squared off at 9" long, and very hard to come by.
#2 LONGER, rounded
#3 LONGER, pointed
#4 LONG, very pointed
#5 MEDIUM, rounded
#6 MEDIUM pointed
#7 MEDIUM arrowhead
#8 SMALL 5", gentle point
#9 MINI, pointed
#10 MINI, arrow, at 4" long, hard to come by, and oh so handy.