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THREAD Linen, waxed, 7 ply, 10m

Image of THREAD Linen, waxed, 7 ply, 10m

Ten metres of Waxed Linen thread in 7ply weight - one new, and one vintage from the stash of a retired binder. This thread is great for open stitch bookbinding and book arts, but we hear that it is also popular in macramé, basket weaving, millinery, leatherwork, and so on. These 10m cards are a great way to have a collection of colours without spending a mint on whole cobs.

This is 100% Irish Linen, well waxed.
I recommend drawing the thread through your hands a few times before use, to warm and embed the wax for a polished finished.

The second picture shows a thickness comparison with our other waxed 4ply thread.