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LINEN TAPE 100% natural, per metre

Image of LINEN TAPE 100% natural, per metre

Beautiful French linen tape, no stretch, natural colour, unsized, undyed. Linen tapes are used for sewing sections, sewn onto the spine for strength or as exposed spines in artist books. They are great too as ribbon ties, book marks, and beautiful packaging. 100% linen.

Comes in five widths:
7mm, 12mm,16mm, 25mm, 40mm
12mm Unselvedged tape is particularly for custom untwisting/unweaving
Colour-stitched options also available.
Price is per metre. If you order more than one metre, it will come in a continuous length.

Also now available is simple white cotton tape, in 10 metre lengths for the one price. Very handy in the bindery, for wrapping, gently holding book parts or patients together, or using with enclosures.